Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bye bye "night night"

Awww, she is being so sweet here cuddling with her baby and sippy cup. Well.... let me report that the poor thing is not having such a "sweet" week. Her allergies are just driving her insane with a runny nose and cough that sounds pitiful. PLUS, being the mean parents that we are, we took away her "night night" which is what she calls her pacifier. The first day after we didn't give it to her at night she searched the house calling out "night night." I felt awful. The poor baby loved that pacifier. But we decided since she was about to start Kid's Day Out it would be easier on everyone if she learned how to go to sleep without it. So we are now working through the difficult first nights without the best thing that ever happened to getting her to sleep. So wish us luck and hope that she soon forgets about her "night night!"

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Kara said...

Good luck with that!! We haven't been brave enough to take away Branson's paci yet. It just isnt a battle I am stong enough to fight at this point. Keep us posted on how it goes! :)