Thursday, July 30, 2009

"My Ponytail Wet"

That was her "phrase of the day" yesterday afternoon while we were visiting the spray park. The spray park has different sprinklers and spouts that pour, squirt, and spray water around. Avery has not yet developed a love for water "dumping" on her head but still had fun running around getting wet. It was a little cloudy so we didn't stay too long. Her teeth began chattering and we decided to call it a day. We'll go back when again when it's a hotter day.

She tried "covering" her hair with her hands to keep it dry... nice attempt, huh?

I wasn't sure if this was cute or gross... licking the water spraying out of this spout (not licking the ground, just he water). So I took a quick picture and then told her not to do it anymore??? She was having so much fun and I hated to burst her bubble too quickly:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun Morning

We are just loving the summer months at our house. I have told my husband many times how thankful I am that I get to stay home (for the most part) with Avery while she is young. It seems to just get better and better. I love waking up and getting to do whatever we feel like doing. I love playing with her and taking her to do little things. This morning, it wasn't blazing hot so we decided to stop at the park on our way to the grocery store. She asks to play there every time we pass by it in the car (which is every time we go into town). I got the stroller out of the back and we headed down the track. There is a nice sidewalk around the park for walkers and a bird sanctuary at one end. We stopped and looked at all the birds before we got to the playground.


And last is a picture of her in the swing - her "all time" favorite thing to do at the park. She could swing for hours. No matter how hard I push, she always says, "push harder mom!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is a little late, but Casey and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on July 16th! So much has happened in the last 4 years and I am so blessed to have the most amazing husband ever. I couldn't imagine life without him. We have so much fun together and I had fun looking at a few old pictures to find ones for this post. Dating - Amarillo 2004. Who would have thought we would live up here now when this picture was taken 5 years ago!

A couple more pictures from when we were dating.

July 16, 2005
Married 1 year
Married 2 years. Avery was 2 weeks old.
Married 3 years
Married 4 years (and yes, wearing mouse ears for our 2-year-old)
Thanks honey for 4 amazing years. I can't wait to see what our future holds!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Haircut

I'm not sure if it's the swimming or just playing outside everyday, but lately Avery's hair has looked "scraggly." I want it to grow out so she hasn't had a haircut yet, but I also want it to grow evenly and healthy. When we were in town for my brother's wedding, my Aunt Nanny offered to trim her hair for me. Avery was so excited to get a haircut as she has been with me to get mine cut. She sat so still and was fine while we sprayed it with water.
The trim begins... so far so good.
Then I notice her face begins to look a little scared. I'm not sure if it was the scissors or cutting sound.
And finally the big cry rang out... poor thing, she was doing so good. Thankfully, the cut was almost over and Aunt Nanny did great at keeping it brief. Just a trim around the bottom and sides.
All finished and as cute as ever. You wouldn't even be able to tell because the trim was so tiny, but I think it looks better and now Avery has had a haircut.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lance's Wedding

My little brother Lance got married this past weekend. The whole weekend was wonderful and full of family and friends. Casey, Avery, and I were all honored to be included in the bridal party. I didn't get too many pictures since I was in the wedding and busy running around, but here are a few pics to see how beautiful everything was. If I get more pics later I will post those. The wedding went perfect and there were so many people there to celebrate. The happy couple are on their honeymoon this week and plan to live in Abilene when they return.
Obviously Avery was quite busy at the rehearsal and so serious while writing on the envelope.
Avery with her Nona and Papa.
The groom Uncle Lance.
The rehearsal dinner was at a museum downtown.
Me and my cousin Betsy.
I loved the wedding cake!
She sat in the wagon and practiced so well to be a flower girl...
Then she got REALLY tired having had no nap (the wedding was at 2:00) and started watching Barney right before the wedding. The meltdown began about 1:55 when we turned Barney off.... needless to say, she didn't make it down the isle as a flower girl. She sure did look cute in all the pictures though! She was asleep by 2:10 and slept in her Aunt Karla's lap during the wedding. A true 2 year old!
Me and the prettiest little flower girl!
My cousins Betsy, Sarah, and Callie at the reception.
The newlyweds - Lance and Kallie McFall!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Avery's Birthday Party

We had so much fun at Avery's ladybug birthday party. We were glad that so many family and friends were able to come and celebrate. We cooked out hamburgers and had cake and ice cream. Yummy. Here are a few pics of all the fun.
Avery's great grandmomma and all her cousins - Creek, 5, Chole, 3, Bella, 10 weeks, and Boone, 4.
Playing with Daddy.

Enjoying her new swingset from mom and dad.

Opening all the presents.
Playing with her new kitchen and aprons (thanks to Aunt Nanny for taking the time to make the little aprons)
The ladybug cupcakes were the kids' favorite.
Red hands!
Eating hamburgers.
Playing with Avery's new bubble machine... so much fun.