Saturday, August 30, 2008


So I guess I am a bad mother because while I always have had bubbles at work for my speech kids, I don't think Avery has ever owned a bottle of bubbles at our house. I picked some up yesterday while we were shopping with my mom (in Amarillo) and Avery absolutely loved them. I mean, what kids don't like bubbles, right? She touched them, watched them, blew them, poked them, but most of all tried to eat them. She would open her mouth and stick her tongue out at them until they hit the floor. It was so funny! She was very sad when "Bubble time" was over.


Helen Keller said...

those are cute pics. I was calling because when we were there i spotted a purse at that cute shop... i think i need it? it had yellow handles and was kind of a carpet type bag? if you go back let me know??? I may have to mail you some $$$$$.

Helen Keller said...

yes it is at amy lynns... it has bright yellow handles, some green shades on the sides like carpetish? maybe you could describe it to them... yes get it and i will pay you back!!!! Yipee.. i think it was in the 40's ???

oLive said...

hay there. those pics of munchy are too cute. yes i got my flat iron! whew! thanks so much. i was getting tired of having frizzy hair. oh and colby and i are moving this weekend. yay. well hope all is well in borger!