Saturday, August 30, 2008


So I guess I am a bad mother because while I always have had bubbles at work for my speech kids, I don't think Avery has ever owned a bottle of bubbles at our house. I picked some up yesterday while we were shopping with my mom (in Amarillo) and Avery absolutely loved them. I mean, what kids don't like bubbles, right? She touched them, watched them, blew them, poked them, but most of all tried to eat them. She would open her mouth and stick her tongue out at them until they hit the floor. It was so funny! She was very sad when "Bubble time" was over.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting started

We have enjoyed viewing our friends' blogs so we decided to make one of our own to share with everyone.

Avery is growing so fast and is such a joy to be around. She is such a girl in everyway. She LOVES shoes! Anytime we go in a store and she sees shoes she has a fit if she can not try them on. I have to hide all her shoes in a drawer at home or she would be constantly taking off the ones that she has on and begging for another pair by saying "shhhh." That is as close as she can get to saying the whole word.

She also loves being outside swinging, sliding, or just playing in the sand. Several times a day, she will point to the door and say "out" or "go." As you can see, we take her to the arena to watch Daddy rope and she loves getting dirty. She has experimented with eating dirt, leaves, and rocks this summer although I tried to tell her they were yucky. Riding the horse with Daddy has also been a hit and she usually cries when it is time to get off. I am quite sure that she will grow up with the same love for horses that her Daddy has.
We have settled into our new town and are all enjoying the changes. Casey loves his new job as he gets to be outside everyday doing what he loves. I have enjoyed every minute of staying home with Avery and watching her change before my eyes. We enjoy going for walks, reading LOTS of books, playing outside on the playground, going to the library, and just laughing together. She loves to do everything that Mommy does and tags along wherever I go. She is still not walking yet, but is so so close.
As much as we are enjoying our new home, we do miss our friends and family in Abilene dearly. We are so lucky to have such special family and wonderful friends that we miss seeing weekly. We have been fortunate to receive visits from many family members and hope they continue to make the 5 hour drive to Borger.

We joined the First Baptist Church of Borger and are getting involved in the activities at the church. We have met some very sweet people and Avery seems to enjoy playing with other children at church. She still cries temporarily when we drop her off since her last Sunday School teacher was her Nonna and she is not used to strangers yet! She always appears to have had a great time when we go to pick her up after the worship service. She starts "Kid's Day Out" there next week on Thursdays and we are all excited for school!
Here is a funny picture of Avery with her "Pebbles" hairstyle that her Daddy refuses to let her go out of the house in. She actually pulled the ponytail out quite quickly after the picture was taken.

Overall we are thankful for the opportunity God has given us and strive each day to make the most of what He has provided. We contine to look forward to seeing where He will lead us.