Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School

Avery started "Kid's Day Out" today at our church. She goes on Thursdays from 9-3. I was so excited for her this morning and she clearly had no clue that today was going to be any different from other weekdays. She was such a big girl meeting Ms. Ida and Ms. Amber. She is the youngest in her class (and the only one not walking alone yet) but seemed to like the other kids. I hope that she will be encouraged to walk with the other "big kids" in her class. I got her interested in a toy and then snuck out with no tears. I know she will have so much fun. I have been running tons of errands, cleaning house, and using the computer amazingly faster than ever before without chasing her around too! Of course I can't wait to go pick her up already! Here are some pictures from her first day of school.

This huge looking bag is actually her lunchbox and doesn't look as masive when Munchkin is not holding it. She thought it was fun to carry it all by herself.... for about 5 seconds, then she wasn't interested in carrying it anymore.

She even had time for a little reading this morning before we left for school. Good thing it doesn't start until 9:00!

A cold front blew in yesterday and it was still a little chilly this morning so Avery wore her cute jacket to school.


oLive said...

i'm loving avery's first day of school outfit! i hope it went well for munch and YOU.

ps. we're moving into our house tomorrow linds!

Helen Keller said...

so much fun!!! creek and chloe start monday! they cannot wait! and about the purse... no biggie... saved me money!