Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend 2011

Christmas is already over... :) We had such a fun month of decorating for Christmas, buying/wrapping presents, Christmas music, and lots of family. It is always bittersweet the week after Christmas is over. Our family was so blessed this holiday season and celebrated Jesus' birth with family and friends.

My Christmas cuties :)This is a Christmas present for the kids. A Jack Russell puppy appropriately named "Joy."
Little cowboy in his boots, pjs, and hat.

Taking Joy to a Christmas for Casey's grandmother.

Cousin Bella and Toas

Cousins Chloe, Boone, Avery, and Creek at Grandmomma's Christmas

Somehow Avery's name got left out of the "name drawing." At first she was upset, but then each family started giving her money to buy a present... see the smile.

By the end of the night, she had $38! I'd say she did pretty good and was happy as could be.

Avery and Pose, Boone and Grandmomma opening presents

Christmas Eve we went to my parent's house... Joy came too.

Taos opening a present

Avery sitting by her pile of presents! Taos trying out his new broom. Maybe I can use mine without him wanting to "help" so much.

Getting tickled!

Opening more presents

Snuggling up in her warm kid snuggie.

Riding his new horse from Uncle Lance and Aunt Kallie

She applied all her new "play" makeup by herself - if you can't tell.

Play makeup, pretend jewelry, and snow white costume while making Christmas cookies... doesn't look like it could get better.

Icing her creations

Christmas stockings at our house ready for Santa

Looking in his stocking Christmas morning

Riding his new spring horse from Santa

Looking at her stocking and scooter

Playing with her Fur-Real friend "Go Go" that she asked Santa for

Trying out his new rope

Ready to open presents from mom and dad

New horses

New boots

Eating chocolate first thing in the morning

Casey's parents, sister and brother-in-law, and niece and nephew came over Christmas morning for more celebration.

And lots of presents!

Taos (20 mo.) Boone (7) Bella (2) Avery (4)

Opening up her presents

Playing with his new cork gun

Bundled up while driving the mule

Dandad posing by the warm fire

Ready to play with her new princess craft set... daddy was "thrilled" to see that it contained over 1500 pieces :)

Bella modeling her new puffy jacket

Taos playing with a new barn in his new rain bootsStaying warm with mommy

Angela, Bella, and Avery ready to ride around

Boone was a pro riding his new 4-wheeler behind the mule

Looking for varmits... needless to say, don't take a 20 month old with you when you want to see if you can be quiet enough for a varmmit to come up so you can shoot it. Taos caused quite the camotion.

The hunters and kiddos. Avery, Boone, Dandad, Casey, Shawn, and BellaAll warm and cozy watching Dumbo before bed. Love the babies.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas so far....

It feels like we have been looking forward to Christmas for the last few months and it is HERE! So far, we have already celebrated with family and are anticipating more fun times this week and weekend.

Family Christmas card picture 2011
The traditional "cousin lineup" picture with the 5 cousins and spouses/children. Left to right in chronological order: Taos, Avery, Sarah (my cousin), Kallie (my sister-in-law), Betsy (my cousin), Evan (married to my cousin Callie), Callie, Lance (my brother), Me, Casey

My cousins, brother, and kid with my grandpa - Pop

Avery's Sonshine choir sang Christmas songs at church a couple weeks ago. We were so proud of how pretty she looked and how she sang all the words to the songs. She is in the front row, 4th from the left.

Taos opening his first present of this Christmas season at my Pop's house.

Avery was SOOO excited to open presents this year!

Modeling her new "side purse" from her big cousins

Playing with his new cow toy and holding his puppy dog "Kate"

Evan, Avery, and Callie

Cas, Me, Taos (and the puppy)

Avery with Betsy modeling Taos' coonskin hat that he was scared of when we tried to put it on his head!

I guess Avery didn't want to wear it either!

And at the end of the night he was super tired and only wanted to hold the camera - NOT smile for anymore pictures!