Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkins and Halloween

Halloween gets more fun as your children get older. Seeing the excitement on their faces during the Fall Carnivals, dressing up, and of course - getting massive amounts of candy is so much fun for parents. This year Avery was Rapunzel and Taos was a cow... fitting for a child who is obsessed with the "booos" right now. Funny though - he got called a girl and a sheep throughout our trick-or-treating night!!

The cow and Rapunzel ready for trick-or-treating

Ready to get started with the Gibsons. Brenna, Taos, Avery, Caden, and Gracie
Checking out each other's costumes :) They are only a couple weeks apart in age!

Knocking on the first door

Daddy, Taos, and Aves are getting the hang of it

Avery and Minnie Callie

It took Taos a while to warm up to the idea of walking up to a stranger's house. But he did figure it out!

I think he ate about 4 suckers!! It was the only thing that kept him happy toward the end of the night.

Carson, Caden, Avery, Taos, Callie, Gracie, Brenna

Getting everyone to the door, saying trick-or-treat and thank you, putting the candy in the bag and returning to your parents seemed to be a chaotic task.... everyone helped everyone!

Ninja Carson and Spiderman Caden

Baker Averi and Rapunzel Avery

Taking a break on the curb

Avery's eyes are shut but this one was so funny - the kids were too tired to walk back to the car so we carried the little ones and the big kids shared the stroller. Caden and Avery were hilarious riding together.

Brenna, Avery, Taos, Caden, Carson, Gracie, Callie

Caden, Gracie, Carter, Averi, Avery

Whew - what a fun night!

At the pumpkin patch

Where did sister go?

Her favorite were the little pumpkins

Trying to get a good pic!

Picking them ALL up.

Got a cute one!

Pretty pumpkin!

Our scary jack-o-lantern!

Avery and her masterpiece

Looking at all the goo and seeds

Sticky fingers

Cleaning out the inside

Showing little man how it's done

Looking around the gym at the Pioneer Drive Fall Carnival

Rapunzel playing games

She only wore her Rapunzel wig one night - but it was perfect for her costume

Phil and Casey with the kids

Riding the Thomas train

The whole family!