Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Swimming Hole

There is a tank on our ranch that is called the swimming hole. I mean literally, you can swim in it. The water is pretty clean for a tank as water runs into it constantly from a pipe. We tried it out last week and had a blast. I didn't get too many pictures this time, but will maybe add more later this summer from our swims. It's so convenient to drive down to the tank when Casey gets off work for a dip in the water and it feels great after a hot day. We just got Avery a life jacket today, but she did great with the floaties this trip in the water. She has no complaints if she is "swimming."
Casey and Avery floating around in the water.
Avery's ready to get in the water. The sides of the tank are like beach entrances - shallow then gradually get deeper which is great for her to play in. She had fun scooping up mud with her hands and "giving" it to our dog Kate who was hanging out under the truck in the shade.
This is what we call the high dive that someone made several years ago. I'm not sure how high it is, but Casey is 6'2'' so you can tell that he's not even to the water yet and a couple feet below the board. The tank is deep in the center and no one has touched the bottom yet... not that I would want to! You can see the zip line coming down from the platform, but unfortunately it is tangled up and not functioning. We are hoping to get it fixed before the end of the summer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Visitors

Our sweet sister-in-law, nephew, and new baby niece came to visit us for 4 days! We had so much fun visiting with them. Our newphew Boone went to work with Casey every morning riding horses and helping out. The girls shopped a little and enjoyed watching the kids play. We always have too many things to do and didn't get everything we wanted accomplished, but that's just a good reason for them to come again.
Playing in the little pool and with toys in the garage (the wind was blowing sooo hard outside that day)
Roping the "dummy steer"
And riding the steer!
Uncle Casey holding our sweet niece Bella
Cousins - Avery, 23 mo., Bella 7 weeks, Boone 4 yr.
The sweet little Bella was so good the whole week.
Yes, Avery tried out every single one of Bella's baby gear items from this bouncy seat to the carseat, pacifier, bottle (yuck), and even shoes. She was so disappointed when the shoes wouldn't fit. She insisted that I hold her like an infant and hold her sippy cup for her while she drank it when she saw Angela feeding Bella. How funny!
My sister-in-law Angela and Bella in her swimsuit.
Avery started off slow at the baby pool by pouring water in and out of the pool.Avery and Boone were great swimmers at the pool.
She did so good with the floaties on kicking her feet and kinda floating on her tummy. She loved the pool and never complained about wearing the floaties. We finally ventured into the bigger pool and Avery was fearless (I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing). She floated around with me right there, but not afraid for me to let go. Apparently she had total faith in those little floats on her arms. I see us making many more trips to the pool this summer!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trip to Abilene

Avery was so lucky to get to spend a whole week in Abilene with my parents, Nona and Papa, while I worked that week in Amarillo. We missed her so much at home, but knew she was being taken good care of. I know all the family in Abilene appreciated getting to spend more time with Avery than usual. I didn't get alot of pictures, but here are a few to share. We're so lucky to have wonderful family!
Avery got to go to the Abilene zoo one day with her Uncle Lance and soon-to-be Aunt Kallie.
Silly girl in the pool!Avery got to go to one of Lance and Callie's wedding showers with Nona and Papa.
Having a snack with cousin Callie.
Now she's hanging out with cousin Betsy.
Driving the boat in Sunday School.

Friday, June 5, 2009


This post is quite late as my internet stopped working and then I went out of town for a few days. Casey and I got a chance to take Avery to the zoo in Amarillo one day, which is unusual because Casey works so much. We enjoyed spending the day together and exploring the zoo. Avery was happy to run from one exhibit to another and get as close as she could to the animals. I didn't get too many pictures taken, but here are a few to look at. The weather was perfect too.
Getting a close look at the lion.
Aves and her daddy.
The monkeys were Avery's favorite exhibit.
Still looking at the monkeys.