Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crazy Rodeo Weekend

This weekend was the Ranch Rodeo Finals in Amarillo. Casey's ranch is not able to compete in this rodeo, but he entered a horse to show on Saturday. Our full weekend turned out to be super busy with crazy weather in the panhandle!

Thursday night Casey took Avery to the rodeo in Amarillo. I went to Borger to play Bunco and Taos stayed with my neighbor.
On the way home from Bunco, it was pouring down rain, hailing, and there was TONS of lightning. Everytime the sky lit up with lightning, I prayed that I didn't see a tornado out there! When I got home and was picking Taos up from our neighbor, we noticed a huge grass fire on the ranch. The rain had stopped and now there was a fire! Thank goodness the wind was blowing away from my house so I wasn't too concerned about evacuating. The fire trucks came just as it began raining again. Thank You God for sending more rain to put out the fire. It continued raining all night and then as the temperature dropped through the night, it started to snow.... crazy.
So we woke up to this Friday morning... By Saturday, the sun was out and melting the snow away!
Bundled up as we walked into the rodeo Friday night :) I think I've said this before, but THANK GOODNESS for the double stroller.
Watching the rodeo in Dad's lap
Saturday morning, we were there again to watch Casey show his horse. He did great! No pics of him because I was videoing.
Taos was entertained
Avery playing with toys in the trade show.
Holding her little brother - even though he looks as big as her!
I LOVE this picture - my two boys :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


This year Halloween was so fun. Avery is getting big enough to enjoy it and understand how to trick or treat. Avery went to a Halloween party during story time at the library Wednesday.

Coloring her pumpkin picture.
Taos made a spider out of his handprints. Now he just wants to put it in his mouth! Here he is sitting with his Posey.
On Halloween we went over to friends' house to cook out before trick or treating. All the other kids there were girls and Taos was quite popular!
My little frog is about to empty that bowl of candy... he actually chewed on one package of Junior Mints until the words were bleeding into each other. We didn't pass that one out!
My adorable kids - The princess and the frog :)
Hannah, Gentrie, Taos, Avery, Brynne, and Caroline
Taos was an excellent trick or treater riding along in his stroller.
They were so cute running up to each house. Avery walked all the way down one side of the street and then said she was finished and Casey carried her the whole way back down the street to our car. She had a blast and is already planning what she is going to be for next year.