Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Pictures

We had our first professional family pictures taken since Taos was born. Andreia Rice took them and she did an amazing job! I love having sweet memories of my kids at ages 3 1/2 and 12 months. I am so blessed!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Borger Carnival

This week there has been a small carnival set up in Borger. Last night, we didn't have anything to do so we took the kids to ride some rides. Our nephew Boone is staying with us this week and Casey's parents also came along. It was alot of fun and the kids had a blast riding all the rides.

Avery's favorite ride - the carousal. Her primary goal was to ride the purple horse everytime.
Avery, Cas, and Boone on the dragon roller coaster. I was surprised at how much she loved all the rides and wasn't scared at all.

Until she went through the obstacle course... I think the height scared her, because all of a sudden she was holding on tight, looking down, and crying. Good thing cousin Boone was there to hold her hand until she got to the bottom.

Little man wishing he could ride a ride.

Boone and Aves on the rocking boat.

Avery had a huge smile on her face during every ride!

I guess all the watching tired him out. Sweet boy.

The kids on the motorcycles.

They rode the little rides over and over again until it was time to go. We all had a blast.

May 2011

May has been a fun month full of things to do.... We are so excited that summer is close!

Mother's Day 2011. Taos 12 months, Avery 3 1/2 years. I could not be more thankful for happy, healthy, and precious children. Thank you Lord.
First golf of the summer. Styling with her pink golf bag.

Golf pro if I say so myself!

The grass feels good on his feet.

Our border collie Kate had 7 puppies. They are so fluffy and fun to play with.

Avery's favorite :)

Boone and Aves riding on the console at the ranch!

Sitting in the tent at the chuckwagon.

Enjoying some sweet tea.

On the ranchPlaying at the chuckwagon on the ranch.

Watching the Western Heritage Parade in Abilene

Hardin Simmons Six White Horses

The famous Clydesdales

Nice and comfy with her Sonic slush at the parade

Handsome cowboy

Taos and his Posey at the Western Heritage

Me and Aves watching Daddy show his horse

Avery riding with Dad

Now it's Taos' turn to ride with Daddy

Silly picture with Avery

The kids with Nona

Avery won 2nd place in the bronc riding of the stick horse rodeo for ages 3-4. She was adorable and so fun to watch! She won a big puffy jacket and it was in a clear package. When I asked her what it was, she said, "A life jacket." Cracked me up.

Little man had a blast. I think we can all agree that he has no change but to be a cowboy!

Avery making a face with Daddy at the rodeo Friday night.

Ready for the rodeo again Saturday night.

Sitting with Pop, Sarah, and Betsy

We brought our nephew Boone home with us for a visit after the Western Heritage weekend. As you can tell, all 3 kids were exhausted. Made for a nice trip back to the panhandle.