Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Avery's Birthday Party

Since we are moving this week, we had Avery's birthday party for her friends here in Borger early. She will actually not turn 4 until July 3rd. She has been asking for a swim party since last summer... but it was after her birthday so we have been talking about having one this year. We weren't going to let the move ruin our plans. It was SO much fun and she had a blast!

The gorgeous birthday girl!
We reserved the Stinnett Pool so it was all to ourselves

Avery and her best buddy Hazen ready to swim

Taos, Casey, and our nephew Boone

Avery riding down the slide with her friend Trevor.

Hazen jumped off the diving board first.

Then Avery finally jumped (with a little help). One time was good enough for her because she didn't do it again!

Loving the water

Avery was clearly only trying to give Hazen a kiss goodbye and he is not thrilled at all! They are going to miss each other so much when we move!

Taos and Bella playing with the swim noodles.

Alli and Rylan about to swim

Taos playing in the water

The beach entry was great for the little ones

The spectators watching the kiddos

My sister-in-law Angela and her kids Boone and Bella

Casey and Taos

The cake was Taos' favorite part. Look at that fat tummy!

As long as nobody messed with his cake he was happy

Hazen and Brayden eating cake

My sweet friend Marci who I am going to miss so much

Brayden, Brooklyn, and Avery ready to go home. We are going to miss all our friends from Borger.

Goodbye Borger

Well, this is our last week in Borger. It is truley bittersweet, but after living here 3 years we are moving back to the Abilene area. We are definately excited about being closer to family, but find it hard to leave our home here and friends who have become family. We are going to lease a ranch south of Merkel so this is a wonderful opportunity for us. Looking back on the memories here, I wanted to remember some of our favorite places that we visited often.

The Morley - this vintage movie theater is so fun to watch movies in. The atmosphere is great.

My school. I love my time working as a Speech Pathologist at the Early Childhood campus in Borger. I made many new friends and love what I do.
The city park. One of Avery's favorite places to go.

Jump Zone was a lifesaver this winter when it was too cold and windy to do anything outside and Avery was getting a little stir crazy.

My FAVORITE place to eat. The Coffee Ranch serves the best food and was mine and Marcie's hangout while our girls were in ballet every Monday.

Amy Lynn's was a great place to shop for anythign from clothes to jewlery to purses... love their stuff.

But of course, we will miss the 6666 Ranch the most. It is so pretty and Casey put such hard work into his job. The wide-open spaces and history of this 130,000 acre ranch is amazing.

Our favorite "swimming hole" complete with a high dive... although the water was too low to do any big tricks off of it this summer.

A barn at headquarters

One of the views that just goes on forever

Casey's tack room and stall

Goodbye Borger

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stinnett Rodeo

This weekend Casey judged a rodeo in Stinnett. It was at 2:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday which as everyone can assume was MISERABLY hot. We didn't stay for the whole thing, but the kids did find some fun things to do as usual.

Taos and Aves riding Bojangles while Daddy and Hegan look on. Those kids could ride horses all day long.
What a good big sister to let her brother ride with her! And yes, someone was standing right there beside Taos.

Then they had to play with the puppies.

And the most fun! Playing in the dirt. When you're hot and sweaty dirt makes for a nasty mess!

Even prissy little girls like to play in the dirt.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pool Time

Summer is in full swing and we have tried to get to the pool as much as possible. Here are the first pics from our pool trips.

Ready to swim!
At the Borger Pool

Little man was more interested in running away from me than chillin in the pool.

Avery, however, could not get enough of the water!

He finally got wet!

Yesterday, we drove to Sunray to enjoy their public pool with slides and a prate ship for kids to climb on and slide down. We went with several friends and it was so fun!

Avery riding the turtle.

The Pirate Ship

Me and Avery coming down the big slide.

As you can tell, she LOVED the slide (in my lap of course) and I think we went down it 2o times!

Sliding out of the whale's mouth

We stayed all afternoon and she already wants to go back!