Wednesday, March 31, 2010

35 weeks

I am about a week behind, but wanted to post pics from 35 weeks pregnant. Wow - I am so excited that we only have about a month left until we meet our sweet baby boy. His name is Taos Crawford Armstrong - yes, like the city in New Mexico. There is really no sentimental meaning to the first name other than that we liked it and it is different. Crawford is my grandpa's middle name and was his mother's maiden name (if you can follow all that!). His room is finished and I will take pictures and post them soon. God has blessed me with an incredibly easy pregnancy and I am hoping that the labor and delivery go as equally well. Avery is so excited to meet Taos and talks about him like he is already here. I am planning continue working until he comes and then off during the summer. I have experienced some tired evenings the past week, but know that it will all be worth it when I see my precious baby. As usual, while taking pictures Avery decided that we needed some of her and daddy so enjoy the extras.
35 weeks pregnant
Hugging her little brother.
Laughing with daddy :)
I love my family!
Sharing sweet kisses with daddy

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break

Avery and I got to go to Abilene for spring break one last time before baby Taos arrives nest month. We enjoyed seeing lots of family and friends and being spoiled by everyone. Here are a few things we did...
Happy Birthday to Me - it's actually tomorrow, but we celebrated while were were in town. From left to right: Sarah, Kallie, Me, Lance, Betsy, Avery, Callie, Evan
The weather was so nice on Sunday that we took Avery to the zoo
Kallie (my brother's wife), Callie (my cousin), Avery, Me (and big baby bump), Betsy and Sarah (my cousins)
Watching the monkeys
I can't believe how big my stomach looks in this picture! Only 6 more weeks!
Feeding the ducks bread (while eating most of it)
Tea party with Papa
Eating popcorn, still in her pajamas, and watching the birds out the window - so fun.
Helping Uncle Lance stir pancake batter
Helping Papa cook the bacon and sausage
Playing "baby" in the Bumbo seat. She has been in mega "baby mode" lately as we have pulled out all the baby gear in anticipation of Taos arriving. At home, she is constantly in the bouncy seat, baby bathtub, infant seat, and stroller. So funny.
Betsy and my mom came back to Borger with us for a couple days. Here is Betsy in downtown Borger!
Avery and Betsy posing :)
Me, Aves, and Bets in the now cold panhandle weather! Now everyone is napping as the temperature continues to drop outside. It feels like spring break is coming to an end :(

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun Day!

Casey is out of town this weekend so Avery and I have just been hanging out by ourselfes. We didn't get to do much yesterday because the wind was blowing soooo hard it was miserable outside. Today was a gorgeous day and really gave me spring fever. I love the sunshine. We woke up and went to a wedding shower, then Avery went over to a friend's house to play while I went with one of my friends to a craft show in Borger. Any shopping is always fun for me! No one had to twist my arm for me to buy a couple cute outfits for my sweet girl :). Since the weather was pretty, we picked up our kids and took them to the park. There were several other families there enjoying the nice weather. Avery had a blast and is now napping hard after her fun day. I can't wait to go to the park and be outside more as it warms up. Thank goodness for good friends and God's gorgeous days!
Modeling her shades and all smiles.
She loves to take off her shoes and play in the sand - who doesn't?
Swinging with Brynne
Me and my pretty girl
Avery was intently watching the "big girls" dig and then came over to me and asked if I would help her make a "bolcano" out of sand too! So funny - I don't even think she even knows what a volcano is!
Aren't they precious?
Climbing up the slide.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet Treat

Earlier today I was making cookies for Casey - the yummy homemade chocolate chip kind! Of course Avery wanted to help and be involved in every aspect of the process. I usually let her have a bite of the cookie dough after I mix it together. Today I scraped most of the dough off the beater and let her lick the rest off by herself. It was hilarious. She sat at the bar and nibbled on that thing for a good 15 minutes! Clearly, this would be enjoyable for any woman, but my sweet Avery looked like she was in heaven :) It's so fun to see her enjoying the little things in life!