Friday, September 17, 2010

A few pics

Nothing new - just a few sweet pics...
Taos with Casey's Grandmomma
4 1/2 months old
Sweet boy
Sleeping on Daddy
Daddy with his kids - and yes, Avery is in her dressup clothes. She absolutely LOVES to dress up and changes clothes multiple times per day. What a girl!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Borger Football Game

Friday was Borger's first home football game. Avery was more than excited to wear her cheerleader uniform and Dandad bought her some red and white pompoms to take to the game.
Dandad, Taos, and Aves ready for the football game.
First, we tailgated with our church outside the gates.
Avery and Brynne looking adorable.
Avery, Brynne, and Caroline
Avery with her mouth full of popcorn at the game.
I think I see a future football player here!
"Silly" picture with the girls and my friend Marcie
Daddy and the baby boy
He fell asleep during the game - sweet baby. Until the Bulldogs made a touchdown and it was so loud that he woke up. We had to leave shortly after that because he couldn't go back to sleep.
What's better than to be fed pizza by your buddy Hazen :) They had so much fun.

Jump Zone

I have been so busy with work starting back up that I decided to take Aves for some much needed play time at Jump Zone. It wasn't crowded at all since all the school-aged kids were back in school. She had a blast and I enjoyed watching her play.

Taos was the happiest little baby in his stroller the whole time :)