Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We LOVE to be outside at our house... I mean who wouldn't, we live on a ranch! There are no cars, noises, or busy streets to even think about. I can not tell you how ready I am for it to warm up around here. I am tired of having to bundle everyone up, wipe runny noses, and freeze just to play outside. If the weather is even remotely nice we try to make it outside for a little while to play. Avery usually rides horses with Casey at least once a week weather permitting, but of course I have no recent pictures of that. Here are some of the kids just playing outside the house.
I love this picture because Avery has on her boots tucked into her sweats! And she has the back of her tricycle loaded with cake (feed for the cows).
Kate is always ready to play with us.

And you will notice that she has on her boots and sweats again in this picture. Like any woman, she thinks that sweats are way more comfy than jeans and prefers to wear them as much as possible. As a 3-year-old she can get away with this!
Taos wasn't too sure about sliding with his sister! I'm sure he will grow to love it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Since Christmas, we haven't done anything too exciting around our house... but our kids keep things interesting and we've managed to take a few pics of life at the Armstrong house lately. Here is what we've been doing.
Avery has an inflatable horse named Rody. The kids LOVE to sit on it while Casey makes it buck! Looks like fun to me too!

Avery can get some major air!
The dress up queen in her bride costume... thanks Callie and Evan!
We were fortunate enough to have a few pretty days to play outside amongst the freezing cold Texas panhandle weather.

The cozy coupe
Already love the rope (even if it is purple)
This little man has turned into the biggest mess ever since he started crawling. Now he also pulls up on everything. The dishwasher is one of his personal favorites.
But the all time favorite is the toilet paper. And yes, he can and does reach it and drag it out everywhere. I haven't gotten a good picture of the actual crime. This one was a caught in the act pic! Most of the time he pulls it down and eats a few bites, then as he crawls off, he drags it along behind him to the other end of the bathroom :) stinker!
Watching sister take her bath
Big sister it the best help. Tonight, she wanted to feed him baby food. She did an awesome job until the end when he started hitting the spoon out of her hand. By the end, he was a mess... but that's pretty common after supper!
Loving on their daddy

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I love bath pictures! Kids are so sweet and look so happy when they are taking a bath. Both of my children LOVE baths. I think they could play in there for hours if the water never got cold. Taos has been taking a bath with Avery for the past couple months as he is now able to sit up well and not fall over into the water. He even crawls around in there trying to capture the cup I use to rinse their hair out. Once he gets it, he just holds it in his lap and is a happy guy. If he doesn't have the cup occupying his hands he is usually splashing as hard as he can which eventually triggers Avery asking me to get him out. Avery wasn't in the picture mood while taking her bath today - the only one I got of her, of course Taos isn't looking. But I still love the bath pics!