Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter

We were blessed to get to travel home to Abilene for Easter weekend and to celebrate our sweet niece Bella's 2nd birthday! The whole weekend was full and fun.

Taos got off to a rough start at the birthday party on Saturday.. too many people and here he is trying to escape the kid picture.
My sister-in-law Angela and the birthday girl Bella.

Danda and Popo with Taos.

Checking out their eggs.

He has taken up to 10 steps in a row now, but still crawls most of the time.

The group after Easter egg hunting... it was so hot that the chocolate almost all melted!

Then a nice little shower came down and when the rain stopped of course the kids wanted to play in the water and mud.

Drinking the drops from the roof.

And yes, she did manage to slip and fall several times - but that's the best part :)

Even Taos got in on some mud action splashing around in a puddle.

Daddy with his two kiddos before church.

The Armstrong Family on Easter

My sweet babies.

There was a rolly polly on the ground and Taos was determined to pick him up. They were both fascinated.

Sarah, Avery, Besty, and Callie - cousins

Another egg hunt. Taos was asleep for this one.

Even helping Avery reach an egg in the tree.

Avery with her Nona and Papa!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Taos

Today is my sweet baby boy's first birthday! I can not believe a year has gone by. Taos is such a funny little guy. He is so curious and into everything. He is a rough and tough little boy - so different from his big sister. He can crawl faster than anything and is almost walking. He has taken 7 steps without falling and gets better each day. He babbles and yells and says "dada" every time he sees Casey. "Dada" plus "Katie" (our dog's name) are just about the only words he says... why won't he say "Mama" all the time? Who knows - and he is the least one concerned about talking for me. He understands so much that it amazes me :) He LOVES our dog and all Casey's horses. He will dart to the door if he hears it open because he love to be outside. His big sister is his hero and she can make him laugh so hard. He still loves his pacifier. He has 8 teeth and can eat lots of table food. We love you baby Taos!


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Taos' First Birthday Party

This past weekend we had Taos' first birthday party a little early since we are planning to go to Abilene for Easter. We had a blast celebrating this little man's first year!

Nona and Betsy came early to play with the kids.
Cousin Betsy and Taos.

The birthday boy playing with a rolling puppy from Dandad and Posey. It is hilarious,

Mom and Taos - I love you birthday boy!

Daddy and Taos

Avery tried on all the doggy ears before the other kids arrived. These were her favorite.

Gentrie and Brynne - such cuties

Casey, Dandad, Taos, and Boone (Taos' dog ears and paci make him look like a little pig!)

Sweet boy in his new chair!

Opening presents was fun for a while...

Then he just wanted to chill in his big chair.

Hmmm.... the chocolate dog looks yummy on the cake.

Our sweet kiddos.

Grandmomma wtih cousins Bella, Taos, Avery, and Boone