Monday, September 22, 2008

Into Everything

So like all children, Avery loves to open all the cabinets and pull things off the shelves. We have not "baby-proofed" this duplex since it is only temporary and she has just started really terrorizing the cabinets. Take a look at some of the things little miss innocent has gotten into the past few days. I must admit that sometimes I do not stop her if she is happy and not hurting anything. Here she is with the "not me" face and gestures. Oh, and by the way, please try to not get too jelous over our 80's inspired linoleum we have in our kitchen and bathroom!
Here we have Avery pulling every plastic bowl we have out of this cabinet. Her poor hair is so long is just hangs in her eyes.
And now for my personal favorite.... the scattering of the feminine products in the bathroom floor. I mean what else can I do but let her play while I blow-dry my hair as long as she's happy!


Nadine Marksteiner said...


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Mandi said...

Hi Armstrongs! I love these pics...they are priceless! And I love looking at your blog. It looks like ya'll are doing great! Hope to see you soon!

The Cochran Clan said...

Looks like my house most of the time. I bet Carson and Avery would have a blast getting into things together. We miss yall and was so great to see Avery the other day at Sunday School. Sorry we didn't get to see you! I love keeping up with yall through your blog!

Jillian Myers said...

So I read about Miss Avery getting into everything yesterday. I was thinking to myself the whole time--yes, thankfully Luke hasn't discovered the bathroom yet. And then this morning when I was drying my hair in our bedroom he went into the bathroom apparently. He opened Jason's drawer, took out the van keys and key faub and put them in the toilet which Andrew had pottied in and not flushed. We found them this evening and surprisingly the key faub still works. Luckily it was Jason's set and mot mine! HAha! The things our kids get into! I wish I could get my hands on Miss Avery--we're just too far away!

oLive said...

hahahaha. looks like ave runs that house.