Thursday, September 25, 2008

More School Days

Today Avery was off to school again. She seems to be excited when we are getting ready (probably mostly because I was excited and school is always associated with the word "go"). So we got ready early and were playing before time to leave.

While we were playing I decided I would try and video her saying her animal noises, etc. Well, as we all know, kids can be silly and when I pointed the camera in her face she became not as cooperative. I don't think she understands that you are supposed to look at the camera when someone is filming you, but hey - she is only 14 months old! It's still fun to watch and such a sweet reminder of how precious my little angel is everyday.

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The Cochran Clan said...

How cute! We just pulled out our video camera last night and recorded Carson doing the same thing. And he too was jumping on the bed and being silly. They are just so cute and full of energy at this age. Thanks for sharing. Thanks goodness for the school days! We love them too!