Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We love when family comes over to the ranch to play with us. There are plenty of things to do outside and we have had several pretty days in January.

Taos and cousin Bella looking through the fence.
He finally figured out how to climb through the fence by himself! He was so proud.

Taos and Bella still playing on the fence. Aves and her Dandad

Avery and Boone riding back to the house

Avery and Boone trotting in the arena

Cowboy and cowgirl!

Casey goofing off on the kids' horse Cocomo

Boone riding our new black kid horse "Johnny Cash"

Sweet Bella taking her turn on Cocomo

Taos riding Cocomo... he would prefer that Daddy didn't help him, but not quite yet!

Silly boy

Taos, Daddy and the dogs

Riding 4-wheelers across the ranch. Casey's parents and Aunt Mam with Avery

Avery couldn't stay awake any longer. She fell flat asleep on the way back to the house.

We love company and can't wait to friends and family to come back soon!