Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 2010

This is an incredibly long post and not all in chronological order because there were too many pics to arrange correctly. The past couple weeks have been filled with fun, family, and traveling. Here it all is crammed into one post. What a wonderful month of December it has been for our family.
This is my best friend Courtney and her precious little girl Berkley. How pathetic is it that this is the first time I have met this sweet little baby! That is what happens when you live too far from friends!
Avery and Courtney's daughter Brookelynn did not have time to pose for many pictures - they were too busy playing.
Taos was quick to grab Berkley's bow and pull her toward him. I'm not sure if he was going for her pacifier or chubby cheek, but you can see the terror in her eyes. He reminds me of Pacman in this picture.
Group shot - Me, Courtney, Avery (3) Taos (8 mo.) Brookelynn (2) Berkley (6 mo.)
It snowed in Borger the week before Christmas. Here is my beautiful snow bunny.
I helped her make a snowman in the front yard.
My cousins Betsy and Sarah came to visit. They got in town just in time to play in the snow before dark. We are pulling each other behind the Polaris riding on an old car hood. It was a blast.
Me and Aves - she wasn't missing a minute of the fun.

Sarah, Avery, and Betsy
There was a Santa downtown Borger so we had to say hello to him.
Making Christmas cookies with Popo - yum.
My handsome man turned 8 months old!
Making more Christmas cookies with Aunt Karla.
Waiting in line to see Santa at the mall on Christmas Eve.
Dressing up at Nona's house - she got several new costumes to dress up in and is loving all of them.
Taos trying out his new chair, hat, and football.
Sitting with Pop.
His favorite thing to get - a shiny red ball off the tree.
Modeling a new hat.
Playing with their toys Christmas morning.
Sweet cousins Boone and Bella on Christmas.
More Christmas Day pictures with Daddy.
She loved her Tinkerbell jewelry box.
Christmas night fun with lots of cousins. Taos, Boone (6), Avery, Chloe (5), Creek (7), Bella (1)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moore Christmas

Our first family Christmas of the season was last weekend. The "Moore" Family gets together the 2nd weekend in December every year. We all eat and play games and visit.... only on a baby's first Christmas does anyone bring gifts. Taos was honored to receive lots of great gifts for his first Christmas. The Moore family is my grandpa's (Pop) 4 siblings and their families. Taos is named after this side of the family - Taos Crawford - Crawford is my Pop's middle name and was his mother's maiden name.
My brother Lance and his wife Kallie, Pop and us.
This is an annual "pose" that our parents force us to still take even though, as you can see, my children are now in the shot. This is the grandkids (and now additional spouses and children) in chronological order. Taos, Avery, Sarah (cousin), Kallie (sister-in-law), Betsy (cousin), Evan (married to my cousin Callie), Callie, Lance (brother), me, Casey.
I debated taking the "funny" shot off the blog because of my husband's embarassing pose, but hey - obviously he knew it was going to be in the picture so here it is.... lovely.
Lance, Kallie, and Taos
Opening his first Christmas present. Sweet.
Avery helping out.
My Aunt Mary Francis made Taos this adorable cap. It looks precious on him.
Avery trying to unwrap a present with huge gloves on - a game we played. While Aunt Karla is busy putting her bow back in - very important.
Taos wasn't feeling too hot the next morning so here he is taking a precious nap on mommy.
Think she was tired on the way home? This looks so uncomfortable.
They both slept the first 3 hours! Priceless is the key word here!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


November flew by and I have not been able to blog lately.... here are some pictures from last month.
Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Dad. We were lucky enough to have my mom, dad, and grandpa joing us for Thanksgiving this year since we couldn't make it to Abilene.
Thanksgiving Day with Pop and Papa - Nona and I apparently didn't make it in any of the Thanksgiving pictures this year. BUT we did have a blast shopping early on black Friday. So fun!
Avery went to her first movie at the theater with mom and dad. We took her to the Borger movie theater which is downtown and so cute. "The Morley" Some of the theaters in The Morley only have 10 rows of chairs - I couldn't believe it the first time I saw that it was that small. But there is also one huge theater that has balcony seating.
She was so excited to see Tangled - the Rapunzel movie.
And it was in 3D! Too bad they don't provide smaller glasses for the 3-year-olds. She loved it and the movie was actually really good. I liked it too.
This is her first year of ballet. Here is one of her poses!
Parent watch night was last week. She is doing her stretches beside her friends Brynne and Caroline.
She wasn't even embarrassed with all the parents watching.
Waiting her turn.
Then it was time for tap. Their class is 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap. She absolutely loves it and I love watching her have fun.
Oh, and Taos was having fun too watching all the pretty little girls dance around.