Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun in the snow!

Well, we were supposed to go out of town today, but seeing as how the roads are still icy it would take us forever to get anywhere so we are just going to leave in the morning. Aves and I decided to take advantage of living on a ranch to get out of the house after being stuck inside all yesterday. The weather was still a chilly 16 degrees with a COLD wind. First we went with Casey to feed the cows....
All bundled up and ready to be outside.
Not long after riding in the warm truck Avery was fast asleep
Brrr... the cows had snow/ice stuck to them
Driving around with Casey
I liked the way the fence and weeds looked with a thick layer of ice frozen around each piece.
Next, it was time for a little fun. The guys had an old car hood that they tied to the 4-wheeler to sled behind! Jerrod is pulling Casey in this picture.
Of course, Avery wanted a turn. She loved riding with dad!
You can barely see Avery in Casey's lap tucked under his arm.
Cracking up after throwing a snowball!
She played until her cheeks were bright red and we had to come in for lunch. We tried to make a snowman, but the snow wasn't sticking at all so that will have to wait until another time. Now it's time for a nap!

Panhandle Snow

The Amarillo area got over a foot of snow yesterday! All of the schools were closed and we stayed at the house all day. The wind was blowing hard as usual and it wasn't fun to be outside. This morning when we woke up Avery looked out the window and said, "Look mom - snow! I want to ski." Don't we wish we could just step out our front porch and go skiing. It is still snowing a little, but we hope it warms up a so that Avery can bundle up and play later.
Front porch

The wind has blown so much that the ground is visible in some spots and covered with drifts in other spots, like the backyard.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sneak Peak

We started working on the baby's room, so I decided to take a few pics of the work in progress. Avery was so helpful to pose for a few of the room pictures! My husband and mom painted the extra room this past weekend (BIG thanks to both of them since I can't paint while preggo). I love the color it turned out. We are using Avery's baby bed and changing table so that was nice to already have. We inherited a glider with floral cushions so those are in the process of being re-covered. I am still in search of a small end table to go beside the chair and a few more decorations. Nothing has been hung up on the walls yet. I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that we are doing a cowboy theme in the little guy's room. I love the bedding that we found and so far am happy with the way things are turning out. It's so much fun! So here is your "Sneak Peak!"
Modeling the glider minus the cushions.

There is a shelf leaning on top of the changing table that we have not hung up yet. Casey's grandad made it for his bedroom when he was little. It matches the bedding and we are excited to use it in our son's room!
Avery is now "riding" little brother's horse on the step ladder.
We got this adorable rug on sale at Target. It is a multi-color shag rug and goes great with the other colors in the room!
And last - just a picture of my sweet Avery. She has been great about getting ready for little brother's arrival. I can't wait for them to meet!
I will post more pics as the final product comes together!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas "catch up"

So I am really late in getting any Christmas pictures up this year, but here are a few. We were so fortunate to spend an unusual amount of time in Abilene over the holidays. It was fun to spend lots of time with family during the special season. Avery got plenty of attention and was entertained the entire time.
Making Christmas cookies at Aunt Karla and Uncle David's house.

Getting the hang of it!
Cousin Betsy helping Avery ice her creations.
The cookie makers - Betsy, Callie, Aves, Me, Sarah
Giving Pop a "haircut" with the phone (notice his haircut "apron" aka Avery's cow blanket)
Christmas Eve at Nona and Papa's house. Me, Avery, Casey, Betsy, Lance, Kallie, Sarah
Aves and her Uncle Lance
Walking in the snow with daddy Christmas Eve
Loving the snow!
Christmas Day at the Armstrongs - so happy in her pjs and princess heels.
Avery and cousin Boone
Aves playing with baby cousin Bella in her new ballerina suit
Evan, Callie, Betsy, Pop, Sarah, Lance, Kallie, Me, Avery, Casey
Pop, Callie, Evan (Congrats to my cousin Callie and Evan getting engaged over the holidays!)
Opening all her presents at Pop's house
Daddy turned her into a big present!
I love my sweet "Princess Aurora" as she calls herself when she gets all dressed up in her girlie stuff! We are so blessed!

Oh, and baby boy got several Christmas presents too, but I don't have pics of them to post. We appreciated family remembering our little blessing on the way!

Friday, January 8, 2010

24 weeks

Today I went to the doctor for my 24 week checkup. I was weighed (yuck! after the Christmas holidays), measured, and we listened to baby boy's heartbeat which was a strong 158 bpm. I am feeling great and eating a ton. While I still have managed to gain the weight, I attribute not going overboard to chasing Avery and aerobics two times per week. I would love to workout more, but it just doesn't happen between my work schedule and things at home. When I told Avery that I was going to the doctor today she said, "What's wrong with you mom?" I told her that the doctor had to give baby brother a checkup just like she gets at Dr. Fletcher's office. Then she said, "He going to get a flu shot?" I love her sweet questions and interest in her growing little brother.