Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had a fun weekend with family visiting. My parents (Nona and Papa) and my brother, Lance and his fiance, Kallie came to visit us. Avery had so much fun playing with everyone and was completely spoiled as usual!. I guess Nona and Kallie were busy taking pictures the whole time and they didn't end up in any pics. Sorry Nona and Kallie... we didn't end up with a picture of you and Aves. We all had fun eating out, playing with the new puppy, and watching Avery be silly.

Avery loves to "wide" (ride) on Uncle Lance's back.

Tired baby getting her breathing treatment before bed.

She looks so old in this picture :(

Helping Daddy and Papa put together her toybox.
Avery and her sweet Daddy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our New Puppy

We finally got Avery a new puppy and were so excited to go pick her up today. She is an 8-week old female Border Collie. After much deliberation, we decided on the name Kate - short and sweet. Avery was very happy and anxious to hug and kiss on Kate when we got her home. Kate just sits there and lets Avery hug away. She is sleeping in the living room floor right now as content as could be. We are happy for the new addition to our family and excited to see her grow up on the ranch. Here are some pics of Kate and the family. Avery has a double chin in the first picture due to the big jacket that kept riding up while she sat on the glider.

Kate hiding behind the curtain in our living room.

Avery's first time to meet Kate.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Avery is so funny playing around the house. I got out the camera because she was dancing to her "Fridge DJ" and then of course all she was interested in was the camera. She did answer some questions for me although it is hard to hear at first. The whole time she is trying to sit in my lap and "Ianna see" (I want to see). She just started saying her last name and it's so cute!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

19 months

Avery is 19 months old. The time is flying by! We love our little munchkin soooo very much and enjoy every minute we get to spend with her. She has developed quite a little personality that keeps us on our toes. Here are some recent pics.
Fun with Mommy.Fun with Daddy.