Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Battle in the Saddle

This past weekend we loaded up again and went to Oklahoma City for a ranch horse competition at an event called "Battle in the Saddle." The ranch horse competition that Casey participates in involves "showing his horse" to score points and obviously the person with the most points wins. There are several elements of the performance (which lasts about 6 minutes per horse) including changing leads, stopping, spinning, cutting a cow, roping, and dragging. Casey took a young horse that he has just started training to show at competitions like this. He did great and was very pleased with how his horse performed. We had a blast tagging along and taking in Oklahoma City. Casey's parents, sister, and niece and nephew also came with us. And, just because I know you will notice.... our nephew Boone has a black eye and swollen cheek because he got hit with a golf club in the face! Yes, OUCH. It is actually looking much better, but you will still notice it in the pictures.

Finished and walking his horse out of the arena - I didn't get many pics of the actual horse show because I was video tapping.
Taos is more interested in the cow hanging from his stroller than the horse show at this point.
Sitting with Casey's mom - Posey.
Boone, Avery, and Dandad
Helping hold the reins
Avery and Boone in front of Casey's stall
Grandparents holding Taos
Ready to swim at the hotel!
Boone and Bella are ready too.
Taos' first time in the pool - not too sure how he feels about it??
Casey with Aves and Bella
We also got a chance to go down to Bricktown in Oklahoma City where they have a little riverwalk, ballpark, and places to eat. We ate at Toby Keith's and it was excellent food and a super fun atmosphere. Somehow I didn't end up with any pictures from that evening so I wanted to add that.

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Eric and Steph said...

So cute!!! Taos is a doll and I love how chubby he is! My sister-in-law and her husband live in Edmond and they go to Bricktown quite a bit.

Love all your pics...your family is so cute.

And Angela's kids are so cute too. Bella looks just like her!