Thursday, July 30, 2009

"My Ponytail Wet"

That was her "phrase of the day" yesterday afternoon while we were visiting the spray park. The spray park has different sprinklers and spouts that pour, squirt, and spray water around. Avery has not yet developed a love for water "dumping" on her head but still had fun running around getting wet. It was a little cloudy so we didn't stay too long. Her teeth began chattering and we decided to call it a day. We'll go back when again when it's a hotter day.

She tried "covering" her hair with her hands to keep it dry... nice attempt, huh?

I wasn't sure if this was cute or gross... licking the water spraying out of this spout (not licking the ground, just he water). So I took a quick picture and then told her not to do it anymore??? She was having so much fun and I hated to burst her bubble too quickly:)

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Rachaellh said...

That last picture of her is cute as can be! Who wouldn't want to drink of the water shooting up from the ground?