Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lance's Wedding

My little brother Lance got married this past weekend. The whole weekend was wonderful and full of family and friends. Casey, Avery, and I were all honored to be included in the bridal party. I didn't get too many pictures since I was in the wedding and busy running around, but here are a few pics to see how beautiful everything was. If I get more pics later I will post those. The wedding went perfect and there were so many people there to celebrate. The happy couple are on their honeymoon this week and plan to live in Abilene when they return.
Obviously Avery was quite busy at the rehearsal and so serious while writing on the envelope.
Avery with her Nona and Papa.
The groom Uncle Lance.
The rehearsal dinner was at a museum downtown.
Me and my cousin Betsy.
I loved the wedding cake!
She sat in the wagon and practiced so well to be a flower girl...
Then she got REALLY tired having had no nap (the wedding was at 2:00) and started watching Barney right before the wedding. The meltdown began about 1:55 when we turned Barney off.... needless to say, she didn't make it down the isle as a flower girl. She sure did look cute in all the pictures though! She was asleep by 2:10 and slept in her Aunt Karla's lap during the wedding. A true 2 year old!
Me and the prettiest little flower girl!
My cousins Betsy, Sarah, and Callie at the reception.
The newlyweds - Lance and Kallie McFall!


themac's said...

Awww...she is such a pretty little flower girl! I'll bet that was a fun weekend.

Katie K said...

Everything looked gorgeous - including everyone in their black and white! How funny that she snoozed through the ceremony!