Monday, July 6, 2009

Avery turns 2!

I can not believe that my sweet baby Avery turned 2 on July 3rd! Since I am still playing catch up on the postings, I put a few pics here and will post birthday party pictures soon.

Big and preggo with the munchkin. 6 weeks old
1st Birthday Party 2nd Birthday Party
I love this little munchkin so much! She is so silly and funny and talking ALL the time. She is healthy and happy and we thank God for her EVERY day. Her questions make me laugh all the time and she doesn't miss a thing. Her favorite tv show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she would wear a swimsuit all day everyday if I would let her, she is all girl and loves shoes, lemonade, pasta, bread, and cake (who doesn't, right?). She also has become VERY independent and I hear "I do it myself!" about 100 times per day from dressing, to brushing teeth, to opening/shutting doors, and even screwing the sippy cup lid on. We are working on potty training, but I must confess I haven't tried too hard... I will work on that. Avery loves animals of any kind and will kiss them all. She loves playing mommy, kitchen, shopping, and helping me do EVERYTHING. I'm not going to lie, her 2nd birthday was bittersweet as I see my baby growing up too fast. I love each new stage, but miss the previous ones as well. Happy Birthday "big girl!"


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Happy Birthday sweet Avery!! She is precious!

shellym said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Avery! You are so adorable.