Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Haircut

I'm not sure if it's the swimming or just playing outside everyday, but lately Avery's hair has looked "scraggly." I want it to grow out so she hasn't had a haircut yet, but I also want it to grow evenly and healthy. When we were in town for my brother's wedding, my Aunt Nanny offered to trim her hair for me. Avery was so excited to get a haircut as she has been with me to get mine cut. She sat so still and was fine while we sprayed it with water.
The trim begins... so far so good.
Then I notice her face begins to look a little scared. I'm not sure if it was the scissors or cutting sound.
And finally the big cry rang out... poor thing, she was doing so good. Thankfully, the cut was almost over and Aunt Nanny did great at keeping it brief. Just a trim around the bottom and sides.
All finished and as cute as ever. You wouldn't even be able to tell because the trim was so tiny, but I think it looks better and now Avery has had a haircut.

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Rachaellh said...

She looks just beautiful! I love her long beautiful hair! I hope that one day little Emerson will have enough hair to get it cut. Maybe by kindergarten.