Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pool Time

Summer is in full swing and we have tried to get to the pool as much as possible. Here are the first pics from our pool trips.

Ready to swim!
At the Borger Pool

Little man was more interested in running away from me than chillin in the pool.

Avery, however, could not get enough of the water!

He finally got wet!

Yesterday, we drove to Sunray to enjoy their public pool with slides and a prate ship for kids to climb on and slide down. We went with several friends and it was so fun!

Avery riding the turtle.

The Pirate Ship

Me and Avery coming down the big slide.

As you can tell, she LOVED the slide (in my lap of course) and I think we went down it 2o times!

Sliding out of the whale's mouth

We stayed all afternoon and she already wants to go back!

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