Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goodbye Borger

Well, this is our last week in Borger. It is truley bittersweet, but after living here 3 years we are moving back to the Abilene area. We are definately excited about being closer to family, but find it hard to leave our home here and friends who have become family. We are going to lease a ranch south of Merkel so this is a wonderful opportunity for us. Looking back on the memories here, I wanted to remember some of our favorite places that we visited often.

The Morley - this vintage movie theater is so fun to watch movies in. The atmosphere is great.

My school. I love my time working as a Speech Pathologist at the Early Childhood campus in Borger. I made many new friends and love what I do.
The city park. One of Avery's favorite places to go.

Jump Zone was a lifesaver this winter when it was too cold and windy to do anything outside and Avery was getting a little stir crazy.

My FAVORITE place to eat. The Coffee Ranch serves the best food and was mine and Marcie's hangout while our girls were in ballet every Monday.

Amy Lynn's was a great place to shop for anythign from clothes to jewlery to purses... love their stuff.

But of course, we will miss the 6666 Ranch the most. It is so pretty and Casey put such hard work into his job. The wide-open spaces and history of this 130,000 acre ranch is amazing.

Our favorite "swimming hole" complete with a high dive... although the water was too low to do any big tricks off of it this summer.

A barn at headquarters

One of the views that just goes on forever

Casey's tack room and stall

Goodbye Borger

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Andreia Rice said...

You forgot to put my picture on this list!!! We are going to miss you guys a lot!!!! Best of luck on your new journey!