Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dance Recital

This past weekend Avery was in her first Dance Recital! She did so good and loved every minute of it. Her tap dance was to "The Candyman" and her ballet dance was to "The Tooth Fairy Loves Ballet." The best part was during curtain call. I guess her teacher told all the little girls to bow after they walked out on stage. The 3-4 year-olds were on the front row since they were so little. So Avery came out and bowed right away... then she walked a little further to front and center and she bowed again - and just held it. She was so cute of course to us and we were cracking up. Finally a teacher grabbed her hand and lead her to where her class was standing. Avery was lucky enough for her Nona, Posey, and Dandad to attend. All the "action shots" are on my mom's camera so here are the posed ones.

Avery and her friend Brynne

Avery and Nona

Dandad and Aves

Avery with her grandmas and her beautiful flowers.

Daddy - who did survive the dance recital despite his doubts!

The family - Taos stayed at home with a babysitter, which I am sure was much more fun for him!

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