Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break

Yes, I know spring break was last month, but I am a little behind on blogging. We started off spring break with one of Casey's Team Ropings. Cousins Boone and Bellas came along.

The "boy" cousins Taos and Boone Bella with her Dandad.
Taos quickly found the toys.
Boone and Aves playing in the dirt.
Taos and Dandad.
Next, the kids and I went to Abilene to see more family. Nona and Sarah now understand when I say that Taos is hard to change... wiggle worm is an understatement!
He soon got over the pajama changing by riding on Uncle David's shoulders.
Avery taught Papa how to cook... he is holding her pretend cookbook.
We went to see Mimi - my dad's mother.
And we got to see Grandmomma too. Casey's grandmother.
Taos got his first haircut by Aunt Nanny.
Handsome boy.
Avery - so sweet as always!
When we got home Taos was quick to wreck the kitchen... It amazes me how fast he can open a drawer and pull EVERYTHING out!
Then he ate his first piece of pizza. He was a fan! Fun spring break. Now we are counting down the days until summer.

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