Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taos' First Birthday Party

This past weekend we had Taos' first birthday party a little early since we are planning to go to Abilene for Easter. We had a blast celebrating this little man's first year!

Nona and Betsy came early to play with the kids.
Cousin Betsy and Taos.

The birthday boy playing with a rolling puppy from Dandad and Posey. It is hilarious,

Mom and Taos - I love you birthday boy!

Daddy and Taos

Avery tried on all the doggy ears before the other kids arrived. These were her favorite.

Gentrie and Brynne - such cuties

Casey, Dandad, Taos, and Boone (Taos' dog ears and paci make him look like a little pig!)

Sweet boy in his new chair!

Opening presents was fun for a while...

Then he just wanted to chill in his big chair.

Hmmm.... the chocolate dog looks yummy on the cake.

Our sweet kiddos.

Grandmomma wtih cousins Bella, Taos, Avery, and Boone

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