Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kiddo Update

I have been meaning to take some recent pics of my sweet kiddos for a couple weeks. This is what we've been up to...
Taos was being a wild man while I was trying to take his picture! This is one of the only ones that I got of him actually looking at me.... the smile part was a lost cause. He was too busy:
Looking out the window
Pulling the stuffed animals out of the basket
Looking out the window again.. probably for Kate, our dog.
Climbing under his end table
and playing pat-a-cake. Love this 10-month-old.
My sweet Avery was looking so adorable in her ballet clothes.
She is looking so old!
Love this little angel.
Again, she looks too old in this one.
Here is my sweet Avery and her Daddy crashed on the couch before bedtime.
I moved her to her bed so she wouldn't fall off the couch in the middle of the night. Casey eventually made his way to bed too.
Handsome man in the bathtub!
My smiling Munchkin!

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