Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taos' First Word

Taos has been very busy crawling, pulling up, and figuring everything out. Lately, I have been listening to all his "babble" and wondering what word would come out of his mouth first. Avery's first word was "up" around 9 months. This was fitting, because she didn't crawl until 11 months and often needed to say "up." Little man can pretty much get wherever he wants to go so he doesn't need to say "up." I have been trying to get him to say "more" when he is eating - but he just smiles at me and grunts to indicate that he wants more. That works for him so why would he say the word. BUT... he loves and I mean LOVES our dog Kate. He absolutely lights up when he sees her and could just look at her all day long. So when I heard him saying "gog" a couple days ago when we were outside I thought he may be saying dog. Then, he started imitating it after me when I would say dog and make the barking noise. Although, it will probably just sound like babbling to everyone else (and no one else will probably be interested in this short video except the grandparents) we are writing down Taos' first word as "dog" (gog). And please ignore my embarrassing "mommy talk" and yes, barking sounds in the video!

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Katie K said...

I love it! His laugh is so adorable.