Monday, October 4, 2010

Canton 2010

Last Wednesday, I loaded up the kids and headed for Abilene. We were excited to see visit Casey's grandma in the hospital and glad that she was recovering well from having BOTH knees replaced. We hope she gets well soon! Thursday morning, my mom, me, and Taos left Abilene for Canton to shop the First Monday Trade Days. Avery stayed in Abilene with my Aunt Karla and enjoyed spending time with her cousins, Aunt, Uncle, Papa, and Pop. She got to do fun things like go to the park, zoo, and Wylie Football game - sorry that I have no pics to post of my sweet girl. I don't even think she missed me since she was having so much fun. I really didn't take as many pictures of Canton as I had hoped too due to a massive amount of shopping that was taking place.
Taos was THE BEST shopper ever. He wore his hat the whole time and didn't fuss at all. Seriously, this kid can tag along with me anytime if he continues to be this laid back (somehow I'm thinking that this may not be the case when he figures out how to get around on his own).
He was super happy in his stroller and "talked" to every person and dog that walked by. Most people talked back to him.
He took some great naps in the stroller. The weather was perfect - not too hot or cold and no rain. We shopped Thursday and Friday until almost 6:00 p.m.
We were surprised to run into people we knew! Here are friends from Baylor - Ashley and Austin Evans. It was great to visit with them.
On Saturday, we drove into Dallas to see my roommate from collage, Becca and her husband Jay, and their sweet new baby Meg who is 6 weeks old. She was SO sweet and tiny. You can read baby Meg's blog at
Taos is 4 months older than Meg. What a difference a few months makes.
After visiting with Becca, we stopped at Arlington Highlands for lunch and yes, a little more shopping. Taos enjoyed watching the water spray up.
Yummy Mexican food from Chuy's. Nona and Taos.
Hubcaps hanging from the ceiling... fun atmosphere.
Taos loves his Nona - such a happy baby.

After lunch, we headed back to Abilene.... until we got a flat tire in Ft. Worth. Yes, awful - not what me, my mom, and Taos wanted to deal with. We rolled into a gas station in a Tom Thumb parking lot and contemplated what to do. Thank goodness for caring people. My mom went into the grocery store to ask the manager if there was a place we could call to come help us with the tire (no I do not know how to change a flat). The manager actually offered for one of his employees to change it for us. Andy was so nice to change the flat for us with much difficulty as the jack was not very cooperative. Mom and I joked that the worst part was having to unload the whole rear of her Expedition (of Canton treasures, pack-n-play, luggage, stroller...) for Andy to get the spare and tools out. After a lengthy delay, we were off again and made it safely to Abilene on the spare tire.
Thanks again Manager Mike and employee Andy for all your help!

What a great, long weekend. Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow. I can't wait to visit Canton again. Thanks mom for taking us!


Becca said...

Loved seeing you guys! Will you email me the pics of Taos and Meg? I want to put them on my blog!!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

We loved running into you at Canton! Taos is PRECIOUS!!