Friday, October 8, 2010

5 months

My kids are growing too fast! It seems that Taos is flying through the milestones and although we aren't counting Avery's age in months like we are with him, she seems to be acting so much older too. Avery is the BEST big sister ever! She is SO helpful and loving toward her baby brother. He absolutely adores her and literally watches her ever move. This week, we introduced rice cereal to Taos for the first time. Well, Miss Priss INSISTED on trying it out first - I mean this was new to her too and cereal sounds great doesn't it? As you can see in the picture below, one bite was plenty for her and she announced that it was "for babies" and Taos could have the rest :)

The infamous facial expression when babies first taste something other than milk!
It didn't take long for him to start grabbing the spoon. After a few days, he is a pro and is spitting less out each bite. I am only giving it to him once a day, but will probably move to twice a day next week.
And look at that smile. I LOVE his dimple that Casey gave both our children - just one on the right side.
What a big boy sitting up so well - in the jean diaper if you couldn't tell. Every little cowboy needs jean diapers! Thanks Aunt Kallie :)

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