Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Casey's ranch has started branding for the spring. His dad was in town this week and took some pictures while watching the cowboys brand.
First, they have to get all the calves in one place... that is Casey in the middle wearing the green vest.
This is pretty much the set up - calves on one end of the pins. No real fire to heat the branding iron these days, just that propane powered pit thing that looks like a grill (Casey would probably die if he saw all the "wording" I use to describe the cowboy stuff) But you get the idea...
Then a cowboy rides his horse into the heard and ropes a calf. Yes, that's Casey.
They drag the calf by the rope, usually by his feet (no it doesn't hurt the calf) to the men ready to brand.
Casey and his horse Pickpocket
The cowboys flank the calf (lay it down) and take the rope off its feet or neck.
Then they hold the calf down while getting the flamming hot iron from the pit and brand the calf.
After they brand him, they let him up and he runs back to the heard with the other calves that have already been branded. The cowboys do this over and over again until all the calves are branded taking turns with who gets to drag, brand, and flank. The process takes several days to brand all the calves on the ranch. It's really quite interesting!
This pic is of Casey's new spurs... I know it's hard to see in detail, but they are really nice.

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Brittany said...

what an interesting life you live! :) miss you!