Thursday, October 15, 2009


Well, Avery and I are recovering from the swine flu slowly but surely. I am feeling better and finally getting my appetite back today, just lacking energy. Avery seems to be taking longer to recover in her tiny body. This morning she woke up with 102 fever and her cough is still strong. The breathing treatments seem to be breaking up the stuff in her chest which is good. She seems to play hard and won't really rest; therefore, after a few hours she crashes and feels awful. I feel that we are both on the road to recovery though. She has always been the best medicine "taker" and had no problem swallowing liquid Tylenol, Zyrtec, or antibiotics. I guess the Tamiflu must tast absolutely horrible because after about 2 doses, we began having to battle her to get the tiny 2 mL down her. Not fun. Then we have to refer to it as the "yucky medicine" vs. the "good medicine" because she is not wanting to take her Tylenol either. I took a few pics today during her pleasant moments. What to do when you are home sick with the flu....
You get to wear your robe around the house as long as you want.
You get to open your cow umbrella in the house and take you baby for walks in the stroller.
You are a pro at taking breathing treatments (while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
You help Nona make brownies for Daddy.
You get to eat as much brownie batter as you want even though you have eaten practically nothing all day long - this has to be the best part!


Jillian said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have both been so sick. We've been praying for you all and I'm glad to hear that you are both on the road to recovering. Hope all is well and that "baby Armstrong" is thriving! Blessings on your growing family!

Kelley said...

Lindsey Avery is precious! I have really let my blogging go for a while now, but hope to get back to it. I am glad u guys are feeling better!