Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bull Drive

Yesterday when I was pulling into the ranch from my doctor's appointment I noticed some of the cowboys were driving bulls down the fence. I went up to the house and got Avery (and my mom) and we drove back down to where they were at. I love it when Avery gets to see her Daddy work. The cowboys needed to drive the bulls across the highway and into another pasture. This is how it's done...
First, they drive the bulls down the fence line until they get to the gate where they will cross the highway. Casey is 3rd from the left.
Then someone goes out to block traffic (Casey). I know, this does not look that safe, but with this stretch of highway a driver can see for a long way. There is another man farther down to block traffic coming the other way.
Then you just slowly start the bulls across the highway.
You can see trucks stopped on the other side of the bulls. Did you know that in the state of Texas, livestock have the right of way to cars on the road? Interesting, huh?
Close the gates and they are all finished. If they have a considerably large amount of cattle that need to cross, Texas Dept. of Public Safety will come out and officially block the highway until all animals are cleared. Casey thinks I'm silly for blogging about this, but people who don't live on a ranch usually find things like this interesting.... hope you enjoyed it.


Rachaellh said...

Wow! That was really something. I had no idea that livestock had the right away.

Katie K said...

Very interesting! Love hearing about life on the ranch.

Eric and Steph said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! I am so happy for yall. And I am so glad you and Avery are feeling better and that Casey never got it. I am glad your mom could help you out while you were sick. We will be praying for baby no. 2!

And that was very interesting about one of Casey's jobs on the ranch.