Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Boone and "Aves"

This week our nephew Boone, who is 4, is staying with us. He lives in Albany with his parents and a baby sister on the way. We enjoy getting to see him and Avery absolutely adores him. Boone is so sweet to his little cousin "Aves" and so patient. He has been going to work with Casey and entertaining Avery the rest of the day. This morning he went with Avery to her library time. Then he asked if they could play at the park on the way home. It wasn't too cold today, so we got out and played for a while. Avery cried the whole way to the car because she didn't want to leave. Hopefully tomorrow we can go again if the weather isn't bad.

Boone ventured down the slide first. Then I looked over and Avery was climbing the steps herself. I stood behind her, but she could have done it all alone. We went down the slide together as she was yelling "weeee" the whole way down, then "more" as soon as my feet hit the ground!

Avery had to do everything that Boone did of course. She actually has pretty good balance too.

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themac's said...

They are so cute...looks like fun!