Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am just now getting to a computer with internet access at the library to post the pics. My parents and Pop came to Borger for turkey day so we didn't even have to travel. We got to spend the cold day in our new house and it was great. It felt like we cooked and/or cleaned the whole day, but the meal was well worth it! Here are some pics from the lazy day.
Casey, Pop, my Dad, my Mom, and Avery (still eating)
Miss Priss
The munchkin's favorite part of the meal was Nona's homemade whipped cream - as you can tell.
She insisted on feeding herself - which you can also tell from the pic
She wasn't sure if I wanted her attention for a pic or to take the whipped cream away. She is starring me down :)

I tried to upload a short video too, but is was taking forever and my time limit here is almost up. So no video today. I feel like I'm out of the loop without having my computer to check updates and new blogs during Avery's nap. Hopefully I will be back soon. Happy late Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Kelley said...

such cute thanksgiving pics of avery. and your new house looks great!! can you email me your new address? my email is