Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Avery has been quite the little cook lately. Her favorite thing to do (amongst dragging many other things out of the cabinets and drawers) is to pull the apron out and try to put it on. Of course I end up having to do it for her and she proudly wears it around. Her friend Hazen came over this weekend to make Christmas cookies with her. Actually, we baked them and the kids decorated them.

She started off slowly shaking the bottle of sprinkles. I was surprised she didn't just try eating the cookie when I put it down. She managed to get only one side of the gingerbread man well coated :)
Then she started alternating the eating and sprinkling. Yum!
They had so much fun!

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Beal Family said...

That is so fun to let Avery decorate her cookies! She is so cute! I hope you love your new house. I am sure that you are missing the internet...we are missing your posts. Hope you are all staying warm out there! We are excited to see yall at Christmas!