Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching Up

Ok, so obviously I have a lot of catching up to do. We STILL do not have internet at our house so I am still dragging behind on the blogging, but please bear with me as I am about to upload my longest blog entry ever. This weekend we went to Abilene for our nephew's 4th birthday party and Casey's Grandma's 75th birthday party. We had so much fun, but the weekend flew by too quickly as usual. We enjoyed getting to go to church at Pioneer Drive and visit briefly with all our sweet friends whom we miss so much. Here are some pics from Boone's birthday party. The air castle was a big hit!

Avery could bounce all day. She loved falling down while saying "uh oh" and bouncing around.

If you are wondering why Avery is not wearing pants in this picture, it is because she had a disaster in the front yard.
It all happened here.... if you look out from our front porch, this is the view. Avery was pushing her toy car around and insisted on going across the road. Once she was on the other side, I picked up the car to carry it back and it made her sooo mad. She threw herself down and started throwing a fit. Soon I realized that part of the reason she was crying so hard was that she had thrown herself down right in a sticker patch! OUCH! The poor thing.

I know the stickers are hard to see because they are almost the same color as Avery's pants, but there were 88 stickers on the back of her pants! Good thing she had on a diaper. Hopefully she learned her lesson.
We went to Amarillo a couple weekends ago for a Ranch Rodeo. Aver was all over the place.

She is modeling this puffer vest in front of a mirror. What a girl :)

Sleeping with dad - how cute.

Posing once again!

Now for some pictures of the new house. We have enjoyed it so much already. My parents and Pop are coming to have Thanksgiving with us on Thursday. We are excited to host our first meal in the new house.
Living room

Laundry room

Avery's room

Hallway to guest bedroom and Avery's room

Dinning room


Leah said...

How fun! Your house is super cute! Have a great thanksgiving. Is angela having a baby?

themac's said...

Oh how cute, i love the new house!

Eric and Steph said...

Your house is so pretty. I love the floors. Glad yall are settled.
Avery is so adorable!