Saturday, November 8, 2008

Morning Fun

Avery is sooo much fun in the mornings. She always wakes up in the best mood and is ready to play! Please excuse most of these pictures as she is in her pajamas and has bed-head hair. I just wanted to show you how fun and sweet she is when she wakes up. I am so glad that I get to experience this happy part of her day all week.

She LOVES her "car" and rides or pushes it around throughout the day. I need to get her another one when we move into our new house and have more room.
She also loves to load the trunk of her car and zoom around. Here she loaded her ball popper (not the quietest toy) and barely has room to sit. Yes, I know that her pajamas don't match here, but we had a little accident on the bottoms and didn't want to change tops too - I'm sure you understand.
I saved this box in case I needed it to pack, but so far Avery has used it as a toy box, car, and wagon for her things. I have just let her play with it instead of packing things in it.
Looks like she found mom's shoes and is wearing them around - not unusual.
I have to brag - she always puts on matching shoes. Even if she finds 2 black pairs - she always matches them and sports the same 2 shoes around.
Well, she is partially dressed in this picture, but escaped before I could get her pants on. She is concentrating so hard on walking in the mommy shoes!


themac's said...

awww...she is getting SO big...and SO girly...I love it!

The Cochran Clan said...

Seeing these pictures makes me miss ya'll! She is so cute and so much fun! Mornings are our favortie part of the day also. I wish her and carson could play together. So sorry to hear about Robbin. I cried when I read your email. I know how special those dogs are to our families.