Friday, April 27, 2012

Taos' Birthday Party

My sweet Taos turned 2 on April 22nd. We celebrated at Nona and Papa's house with lots of friends and family. My how this little man has changed over the past year. He is very independent, funny, smart, and ALL boy. He measures on the small side weighing 27 lbs. and standing 2 ft. 10 in. tall. He makes up for it by running, jumping, and climbing all over everything. He wants to do everything that his big sister does and they love playing with each other - most of the time :) Taos loves trains, dogs, horses, goats, his stuffed puppy dog, balls, and all things outside. We love our little man and are so blessed to be his parents!
 He just learned to ride a trike and he could ride it for hours!
 The birthday boy Taos Crawford!
 Blowing out his candles with help from Cash.
 Mommy's little man.
 Opening presents with Daddy and Bella.
 Taos got so many fun summer toys.
 His choo-choo cake! Yum.
 Still opening presents.
 The crowd enjoyed the beautiful weather outside - sunny with NO wind!

 Riding in the train with Avery
 Now Avery and Mommy have a turn.
 Boone, Callie, and Gracie in the cute train that my sister-in-law Kallie painted.
 Here comes the train again.
 Aunt Karla and Callie
 Taos, Carson, and Bella

 Papa was the best conductor you could ask for. Thanks Papa - we love you.
 Party favors were conductor hats and bandannas.
 I don't know how to turn it on the new blogger???? Avery wearing her hat and about to eat some yummy cake.
 Mommy and Daddy
 Again - don't know how to rotate. I imported it vertical and it turned?? Taos and Daddy eating cake.
Playing on Nona and Papa's swing set.
 Gracie, Carter, Caden, and Cash
Avery, Caden, Carson

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Becca said...

What a cute party for a cute little man!!!