Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun Valley Colorado

We went on our annual family trip to Fun Valley. It is a family campground near South Fork, Colorado. Since we do not have a camper, we always rent a cabin there. The cooler weather and kid's activities there are so much fun. I enjoy reading books and taking naps in the afternoon while the kids sleep. Doing "nothing" is so much fun. This year me and the kids went (Casey was working), as well as my mom, dad, Aunt Karla, and Pop. Needless to say, Avery and Taos were spoiled!

This was our cabin... and the model is holding a new princess umbrella compliments of Aunt Karla!

Avery loved looking at all the flowers.

Little man taking a rest on the putt-putt course.

Kids seem to love umbrellas :)

Trying to figure out the longhorn

Avery and Nona riding the train

Playing in the river - he didn't have watershoes so we left his socks on in case he stepped on a rock.

Miss Priss wore her rain boots - and yes, they did fill with water

Aunt Karla making sure Taos didn't float away

My little loves!

The munchkins stealing food from Pop

Teaching Taos how to roll the ball

Watching Papa teach Avery how to fish

What a fun vacation!

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