Monday, August 23, 2010

Well Babies

Today I took the kids for their "well-baby" checkups. Avery went for her 3-year-old visit and Taos was there for his 4-month visit. Both kids checked out 100% healthy which we are so thankful for. They both had to get shots which just breaks my heart, but they did remarkably well. I have to admit that I was nervous taking both of them for shots by myself. Avery was crying after her shot, but helped hold Taos' hand during his shots and that made her feel better. Plus, he had to get more shots than her so she didn't feel as sorry for herself. The sucker afterwards and a cookie from the mall seemed to heal any bad feelings from the doctor's visit so we're good. Here are their stats:

Weight: 25.6 lbs. - 3rd percentile
Height: 37 1/2 in. - 50th percentile

Weight: 16.4 lbs. - 80th percentile
Height: 25 in. - 50th percentile

So it seems we have a skinny child and a "healthy" child as we like to call Taos. Thank You Lord for our perfect children!

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