Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break

Avery and I got to go to Abilene for spring break one last time before baby Taos arrives nest month. We enjoyed seeing lots of family and friends and being spoiled by everyone. Here are a few things we did...
Happy Birthday to Me - it's actually tomorrow, but we celebrated while were were in town. From left to right: Sarah, Kallie, Me, Lance, Betsy, Avery, Callie, Evan
The weather was so nice on Sunday that we took Avery to the zoo
Kallie (my brother's wife), Callie (my cousin), Avery, Me (and big baby bump), Betsy and Sarah (my cousins)
Watching the monkeys
I can't believe how big my stomach looks in this picture! Only 6 more weeks!
Feeding the ducks bread (while eating most of it)
Tea party with Papa
Eating popcorn, still in her pajamas, and watching the birds out the window - so fun.
Helping Uncle Lance stir pancake batter
Helping Papa cook the bacon and sausage
Playing "baby" in the Bumbo seat. She has been in mega "baby mode" lately as we have pulled out all the baby gear in anticipation of Taos arriving. At home, she is constantly in the bouncy seat, baby bathtub, infant seat, and stroller. So funny.
Betsy and my mom came back to Borger with us for a couple days. Here is Betsy in downtown Borger!
Avery and Betsy posing :)
Me, Aves, and Bets in the now cold panhandle weather! Now everyone is napping as the temperature continues to drop outside. It feels like spring break is coming to an end :(

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Erin and Anthony said...

Looks like lots of fun! I love the pic of Avery in the Bumbo :)