Wednesday, March 31, 2010

35 weeks

I am about a week behind, but wanted to post pics from 35 weeks pregnant. Wow - I am so excited that we only have about a month left until we meet our sweet baby boy. His name is Taos Crawford Armstrong - yes, like the city in New Mexico. There is really no sentimental meaning to the first name other than that we liked it and it is different. Crawford is my grandpa's middle name and was his mother's maiden name (if you can follow all that!). His room is finished and I will take pictures and post them soon. God has blessed me with an incredibly easy pregnancy and I am hoping that the labor and delivery go as equally well. Avery is so excited to meet Taos and talks about him like he is already here. I am planning continue working until he comes and then off during the summer. I have experienced some tired evenings the past week, but know that it will all be worth it when I see my precious baby. As usual, while taking pictures Avery decided that we needed some of her and daddy so enjoy the extras.
35 weeks pregnant
Hugging her little brother.
Laughing with daddy :)
I love my family!
Sharing sweet kisses with daddy


Karla said...

I can't wait to meet our little Taos. I will miss all of you on Easter. Aunt Karla

Katie K said...

Such sweet pictures! Can't wait to see more in just a few short weeks!

Erin and Anthony said...

You look great, Lindsey! I hope I look that good when I'm 35 weeks! I love the pic of Avery hugging your tummy and the pics of Casey and Avery together. Y'all are so blessed to be such a happy family!