Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas "catch up"

So I am really late in getting any Christmas pictures up this year, but here are a few. We were so fortunate to spend an unusual amount of time in Abilene over the holidays. It was fun to spend lots of time with family during the special season. Avery got plenty of attention and was entertained the entire time.
Making Christmas cookies at Aunt Karla and Uncle David's house.

Getting the hang of it!
Cousin Betsy helping Avery ice her creations.
The cookie makers - Betsy, Callie, Aves, Me, Sarah
Giving Pop a "haircut" with the phone (notice his haircut "apron" aka Avery's cow blanket)
Christmas Eve at Nona and Papa's house. Me, Avery, Casey, Betsy, Lance, Kallie, Sarah
Aves and her Uncle Lance
Walking in the snow with daddy Christmas Eve
Loving the snow!
Christmas Day at the Armstrongs - so happy in her pjs and princess heels.
Avery and cousin Boone
Aves playing with baby cousin Bella in her new ballerina suit
Evan, Callie, Betsy, Pop, Sarah, Lance, Kallie, Me, Avery, Casey
Pop, Callie, Evan (Congrats to my cousin Callie and Evan getting engaged over the holidays!)
Opening all her presents at Pop's house
Daddy turned her into a big present!
I love my sweet "Princess Aurora" as she calls herself when she gets all dressed up in her girlie stuff! We are so blessed!

Oh, and baby boy got several Christmas presents too, but I don't have pics of them to post. We appreciated family remembering our little blessing on the way!

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