Sunday, November 15, 2009

WRCA Rodeo

This weekend Amarillo was packed with Ranch Rodeo contestants and their families for the WRCA Finals which is a 4 day rodeo that is held annually. Casey was not in it this year, but several friends were and we enjoyed spending the day at the coliseum shopping and visiting with before the rodeo started last night. Avery absolutely LOVES rodeos (wonder where she gets that?) and had a blast. She was SOOOO good the whole day and is still asking when we will go back to the rodeo (pronounced radeo in her world). I didn't think to get a picture of it, but her one request was for a purple rope... actually I think she initially announced that she wanted a "purple princess rope with Aurora on it" but as you can imagine, we never ran across that one. (Aurora is Princess Sleeping Beauty's name by the way if you don't have girls.) Anyways, we did find a small purple rope in which she didn't put down all day and has played with a ton today also.
Me and Shawna - yes I am aware that my boobs look more pregnant than my stomach in this pic which is exactly how it feels in real life too!
Avery refused to look at the camera and smile for a pic... my "encouragement" just made her laugh more!

Aves and her buddy Hazen
She literally watched the whole thing and didn't try to run around! So fun.


Katie K said...

Your shirt is so cute in these pics! Hope you continue to feel great, and can't wait to hear more news as Baby Armstrong gets bigger and bigger!

Tiffany said...

I know exactly how you feel about your boobs being more pregnant than anything else!! I'm right there with you :) Looks like you had fun at the rodeo!